Ginger Ale

Sometimes inspiration is sought, and sometimes inspiration appears before you and you must figure out what to do with it. I like both avenues in which it is delivered. Often the later is challenging, but and can also give witness to some of the best creativity one has to offer. We have recently begun to import Organic Ginger form Peru. We are proud to support local indigenous growers in and around the Amazon while they sustainably raise and farm ginger organically for export. Thus ginger has suddenly appeared in my life in large quantities than ever before. Suddenly I use ginger often in my life; I cook with it, bake with it, use it in drinks and even make some bath and beauty recipes with it. That being said I had never worked with it on a grand scale.
I recently brought to the culinary center a pretty substantial amount of ginger. The ginger is so fresh it drips when you cut it open, it is the yellow variety (there is also a white variety of ginger) and the skin is super soft as it is so fresh.
As we are generally against wasting, we can sometimes be found sitting around wondering what to do with all kinds of things and we found ourselves with ginger on the brain. It wasn’t a far stretch to come up with cool refreshing drinks, as its been hot out and we are all pretty thirty around here, and were looking for things that are truly thirst quenching as opposed to just wet. We were tired of lemonade and regular old iced tea. So I remembered the ginger lemon iced tea that I had when I was on the Island of Mauritius and that is where the inspiration began.
We decided we would experiment with ginger drinks; spicy & cooling and ultimately refreshing. The end result our Recipe(s) of the month!

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Moroccan “Krak” Tea


3 ounces Kraken rum
½ ounce lemon juice
½ ounce orange juice
2-3 mint leaves
1 ounce orange peel black pepper syrup (recipe follows)
2 ounces homemade ginger ale
Sparkling wine
“Moroccan” Spiced Candied Kumquats (recipe follows)


Mix together the kraken, lemon juice, orange juice, mint leaves, ginger ale and syrup and pour into an old fashioned or short class. Fill the glass [...]

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