Citrus Basil Cocktail

Makes 2 drinks

This cocktail is an invigorating drink that will both dazzle and refresh the drinker.

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Citrus Chili Atlantic Mackerel Ceviche

Serves 6 Ingredients 2 pounds Atlantic Mackerel fillets, chopped in large flat pieces 2 teaspoons salt Juice of 2 lemons Juice of 1 lime 2 tablespoons champagne vinegar 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon lemon zest 1 teaspoon lime zest 2 teaspoons fresh red chili, de-seeded and chopped super fine 1 teaspoon fresh green chili, […]

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Grapefruit & Fennel Frond Soda

Grapefruit Fennel Frond Soda Makes 1 pitcher Ingredients 2 tablespoons fresh mint leaves 2 tablespoons fresh ginger, peeled and chopped fine ½ cup sugar ¾ cup water 1 cup fresh grapefruit juice ½ cup fresh fennel juice (juiced with fennel fronds)  Ice Seltzer water Directions In a medium sauce pan combine the mint, ginger, sugar […]

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Grapefruit & Thyme Winter Rev Up

Ingredients ½ cup fresh thyme leaves ¼ cup fresh mint leaves ¼ cup grapefruit zest 1 cup Epsom salts Directions Prepare a piece of cheesecloth by cutting it into a 12 X 12 inch square and set aside. Crumble up all herbs, releasing all the oils. Lay the cheese cloth out flat, and pile the […]

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Grapefruit Brulee With Tarragon & Tarragon Crème Fresh

Here are a few of our latest ideas for spring’s best & most herby, fresh & light desserts!

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Grapefruit Fennel Salty Dog

Ingredients Grapefruit Zest  Pink Rim Salt* Ice3  ounces vodka 4 ounces fresh grapefruit fennel juice ( 1 grapefruit, ¼ cup fennel, handful of fennel fronds) Directions Place the zested salt on a small flat plate, moisten the entire circular rim of a highball glass and then gently dip the rim in the salt until the […]

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Grapefruit Ginger Spritzer with Red Basil

Start off the afternoon or evening by greeting your hard-working guests with a fresh and fruity spritzer, setting the tone for a day of relaxation and rejuvenation.  The goal is to provide an oasis within your home, be it a small apartment or a home in the country, the atmosphere should feel tranquil and peaceful.  As the day progresses, food will nourish the soul, so keep it light to keep your quests floating and feeling great all day long.  Get inspired by your mood to create a menu that includes a sweet & savory salad, flaky white fish and a creamy yogurt inspired dessert all peppered with fresh herbs for a green, earthy flavor.

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Grapefruit Tarragon Soda

Serves 8 INGREDIENTS ½ cup water 1 cup sugar 2 fresh tarragon sprigs 2 cups fresh grapefruit juice Ice Soda water DIRECTIONS In a small saucepan over medium heat, add water, sugar, and tarragon, and warm until sugar is dissolved and syrup is infused with tarragon. Strain syrup and cool. Once chilled, add tarragon syrup […]

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Grapefruit Tarragon Sorbet

Grapefruit is a taste that not everyone enjoys, but there are certainly ways in which you can create amazing dishes by using the bittersweet taste to compliment other items.

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Lemonades – Creative Ideas

Here’s your chance to get creative. Blueberry Lemon Sparkle Just add mashed blueberries to sparkling lemonade recipe Raspberry Mint Lemon Sparkle Just add mashed raspberries and chopped mint to sparkling lemonade recipe Tropical Mango Limeade Just add pureed mango to limeade recipe Waterme-lemonade Just add pureed watermelon to lemonade recipe Blackberry Fizz Lemonade Just add […]

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Pink Grapefruit Champagne Ice

Makes approx. 4 cups

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Sweet Delicate Friday

Makes one drink Ingredients Ice 1 ounce gin 1 ounce elder flower liquor 1 ounce tarragon ginger syrup (recipe follows) Grapefruit juice (fresh) Fresh ginger slice Directions Fill a medium glass or a wide mouth low glass with ice, pour in the gin and the elderflower liquor. Next add the ginger syrup and fill the […]

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