Brown Sugar Ginger Rum Kumquat Mojito

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Makes 5 cocktails


1 cup kumquats, sliced medium
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup fresh mint leaves
1 ¾ cups ginger infused dark rum (recipe follows)
Seltzer water


In a small bowl mix together kumquats and brown sugar until the sugar is all over the kumquats. Set the kumquats aside for at least 2 hours. In 5 large beer glasses or tall Collins glasses, divide up the kumquats and place at the bottom of the glasses. Next tear up all the mint leaves and divide them up amongst the glasses as well. Muddle the mint and the sugared kumquats in each glass until the kumquats begin to break apart. We want most of the kumquats to remain intact and just slightly muddled. Fill the glasses with ice and place about 3 ounces of ginger infused dark rum in them. Fill the glasses with seltzer water and mix well, keeping the kumquats towards the bottom and allow the mint to float to the top.

Fresh Ginger Infused Dark Rum

Makes 1 quart


1 cup fresh ginger, sliced thin (does not need to be peeled)
1 quart dark rum


In jar place the fresh ginger slices. Add the dark rum and let infuse for about 4 days. Remove the ginger and store in a dark place for up to 3 months.

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