Recipes From Our Collection!

Cooking with herbs began my passion for herbs. It began many years ago while I was living in Eugene, Oregon. The abundance of fresh organic produce and herbs was inspiring to be around. I started gardening on about an acre of land and before I knew it the majority of my garden was herbs and the majority of my cooking included them. I planted everything from basil to lemon verbena to chocolate mint to borage to pineapple sage. If it was an herb I grew it, and if I grew it I cooked with it. Over the years I have compiled many recipes, and now I have the opportunity to share them. The ways in which you can utilize fresh herbs in the kitchen are endless. They have such a range that there is nothing quite like them. Frankly, I cannot imagine that I would have the love of cooking that I do without herbs. I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I enjoyed coming up with them.


Bon Appetit!!

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