Dutch Tarrazerac

©Regina Christiansen, Blueprint, Park Slope Brooklyn


25 ounces honey syrup*
Brooklyn Hemispherical Icelandic Bitters
2 small fresh tarragon sprigs
2 ounces gin (New York Distilling Company-Dorothy Parker)


In a mixing glass combine honey syrup, 1 full dropper of Brooklyn Hemispherical Icelandic Bitters and 1 sprig of fresh tarragon. Muddle gently in order to release the oils from the herb, making sure not to pulverize the herb. Add the gin and ice and stir slowly to chill. Fine strain into a chilled rocks glass (without ice) and garnish with another small sprig of fresh tarragon, making sure to slap it between your hands before placing it into the glass in order to release the oils from the herb.

*Honey Syrup – Whisk together 1 cup honey with ¼ cup hot water until emulsified. Cool.