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  • Empanadas de Pulpo (Octopus Pie Pocket)

    In Spain, canned and jarred octopus is a luxury. To use it in empanadas is a delicious way to enjoy the delicacies of the Valencian waters, even from afar. Empanada dough is slightly sweet and thick in texture and does a brilliant job of absorbing the sauces form the inside without becoming soaked.

  • Octopus and Potato Soup

    INGREDIENTS 2 to 3 pounds of octopus ½ cup of olive oil2 pounds of chopped waxy potatoes1 tablespoon of chopped garlic½ cup of fresh parsley leaves½ cup of white winesalt and pepper PREPARATION Cut two to three pounds of octopus into large pieces and cook for about an hour in a large skillet or Dutch…