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  • Prune Infused Gin

    Ingredients 1 liter of gin 12 prunes, halved Directions Place the prunes and the gin in a large mason or glass jar. Allow to infuse for about 3-4 days in a cool dark place. Remove the prunes and reserve for cocktail.

  • Le Pruneau Homme

    Ingredients 2 ounces prune infused gin (recipe follows) 2 ounces hum liquor 1 ounce lemon juice 1 ounce cardamom ginger black pepper syrup (recipe follows) Sparkling Wine “Moroccan” Spiced Brown Sugar (recipe follows) Gin Infused Prunes Directions In a shaker filled with ice, place the gin, hum liquor, lemon juice, and syrup and shake vigorously.…