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  • Beef and Sweet Potato Stir Fry

    Serves 6 Ingredients 1 medium red onion, sliced thin 3 garlic cloves, sliced thin 1½ pound sweet potatoes (about 3 large) 8 ounces snow peas, trimmed 1½ pound boneless beef sirloin or flank steak 6 scallions 1 cup chicken broth ½ cup hoisin sauce 1 tablespoon cornstarch 6 tablespoons peanut oil 3 teaspoons Asian sesame […]

  • Shrimp & Quinoa with Vegetables

    Serves 6 Ingredients 1 cup cooked quinoa 2 small carrots, thinly sliced 1 large red bell pepper, cored, seeded and chopped 3 teaspoons grated ginger 2 clove garlic, sliced 1 small red chile, minced (optional) 8 ounces snow peas, trimmed ¼ teaspoon black pepper 1 egg, beaten 6 ounces small shrimp, peeled and cleaned 3 […]

  • Thai Style Spicy Vegetables

    Serves 6 Ingredients 3 tablespoons soy sauce 3 tablespoons hoisin sauce 3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter 1 to 3 Thai red chile peppers (more=spicy), minced 1 medium shallot, chopped 3 teaspoon minced fresh gingerroot 3 tablespoons canola oil 1½ pound fresh green beans, trimmed Fresh cilantro, chopped Dry roasted peanuts, chopped (optional) Directions In a […]

  • Broccoli with Ginger and Sesame

    Serves 6 Ingredients 1½ tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted ¾ cup vegetable stock 1½ tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil 1½ pound broccoli florets 3 cloves of garlic, minced 1½ tablespoons minced fresh ginger Canola, or grapeseed oil for sautéing Directions Mix the vegetable stock, soy sauce, and dark sesame […]

  • Lomo Saltado

    Lomo Saltado

    Gustav Pierson discovered this traditional Peruvian dish on our recent trip to visit the organic fair-trade growers. The dish takes roots in Peru but with Asian (chifa) influences. The dish is basically a stir fry with French Fries and rice. The beef is typically marinated in vinegar and soy sauce and then stir fried with onions, peppers and tomatoes. This is Gustav’s version of the dish he now makes at home!