Fresh Herbal Foot Soak


1 large foot basin or bowl large enough for feet (plastic tub or bin works well too)
1 handful mint leaves
1 handful rosemary leaves
1 handful sage leaves
½ cup Epsom salts (or regular sea salt, the larger the granule the better)
¼ cup milk
Boiling hot water
(lavender oil optional)
(pumice stone optional)


Throw the herbs in the foot basin/tub and add the salt, mix up well with your hands and then add the milk (milk loosens dead skin cells) & hot water ,enough to cover your feet but not overflow the tub you are using. Let the herbs and salt steep in the tub/basin for about 10 minutes while hot water cools. In about 10 minutes water should still be hot but not too hot and herbs should sufficiently steeped. Add lavender oil if desired for a soothing relaxing aroma. Place washed feet in the tub/basin and relax for about 15-20 minutes. Rub with pumice stone to remove hard calluses and sloughing layers of dead skin(Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable chair, the point is to be relaxed.)