Moisturizing Honey Mint Foot Sweat Lodge


1 large foot basin or bowl large enough for feet (plastic tub or bin works well too)
½ cup honey
¼ cup chopped fresh mint
2 plastic bags (large enough to cover your foot up past the ankles)
1 large hot damp towel (towel can be hearted by hot water and then rung out)
Masking Tape


Make sure the tub/basin has fresh clean hot almost boiling water, with enough water to cover your submerged feet but not overflow the tub/basin. In the meantime while the water cools a bit, mix the honey and the chopped mint in a medium mixing bowl. Spread honey mixture evenly over feet, making sure to get the honey in between the toes and on the bottom heal as well. Wrap the plastic bags around each of the feet and tape with masking tape so they stay on. Cover both feet with the hot damp towel and sit comfortably and relax for another 20 minutes. The honey will sweat with the warmth of the towel and the mint will make them feel tingly. Honey is a natural antiseptic and will also remove any dead skin cells previously not removed. After relaxing remove towel and bags and rinse well in the now warm water in the tub/basil. Be very careful to make sure you remove all honey. The honey will make your feet silky smooth. Dry feet well.

Replace the mint in the recipe with fresh chamomile (or chamomile tea) for a soothing facial mask.