Tarragon Beetini

Makes 4 drinks


1 red beet and 1 yellow beet
½ of one large bottle of vodka
¼ cup chopped tarragon
the juices and zests of one lime and one orange
1 oz tarragon syrup


The beetini is a super funky and unusual drink for a super funky crowd. It is best served at something like a crazy crostini happy hour party. Bake (wrapped separately in aluminum foil) one red beet and one yellow beet, then peel and chop into chunks. Pour half of one large bottle of vodka into a container and the other half in a separate container. Place the yellow beets in one half and the red beets in the other half, and ¼ cup chopped tarragon in each, and soak for two days until the deep color of the beet shows through. Strain and throw away the soaked beets and tarragons. Mix 6 oz of either red or yellow beet vodka in a shaker with the juices and zests of one lime and one orange, 1 oz tarragon syrup (see “Hot Herb Trends” section for recipe), then shake and strain into martini glasses. (Martini glasses can be served with sugared rims for a sweeter drink experience)