Sweet Delicate Friday

Makes one drink


1 ounce gin
1 ounce elder flower liquor
1 ounce tarragon ginger syrup (recipe follows)
Grapefruit juice (fresh)
Fresh ginger slice


Fill a medium glass or a wide mouth low glass with ice, pour in the gin and the elderflower liquor. Next add the ginger syrup and fill the glass with the grapefruit juice. Stir and garnish with the ginger slice.

Tarragon Ginger Syrup

Makes ½ cup


¼ cup sugar
¼ cup water
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, chopped fine
1 tablespoon fresh tarragon, chopped


In a sauce pan combine all ingredients and stir. Bring to a boil and then allow the mixture to simmer until thick, making sure to stir. The entire process should take approximately 5-7 minutes. Strain out the ginger and tarragon and let syrup cool before using.

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