Andouille Beef Burger with Sundried Tomato Herb Aioli


¾ lb ground beef
¼ lb ground Andouille sausage
¼ c sundried tomatoes chopped fine
¼ cup red onions chopped fine
1 T mustard powder chopped fine
¼ c chopped fresh thyme
1 T fennel seeds

For aioli
2 T sundried tomatoes
¼ cup basil
¼ c olive oil
1 T mustard
¼ cup mayonnaise blended well
red onions & Asiago cheese for serving


Top with the sundired tomato aioli and roasted red onions and asiago cheese Grind all ingredients in the food processor using the pulse button until the meat is coarsely ground. Form patties, place on wax paper and freeze for about six minutes on each side or until par frozen. Grill on high heat on a very clean grill, flipping only once per side. Cook for about four minutes per side for a well done burger and three minutes per side for medium burgers.