Rosemary Syrup with Candied Rosemary Sprigs

For rosemary syrup, just add 1-2 branches of rosemary to a 2 cup batch of basic simple syrup.


For the candied rosemary, you will need:
1 large plate
1 sheet pan/cookie sheet
1 small artist’s paintbrush
3-4 branches of your best looking rosemary
2-3 pasteurized egg whites
1 cup of white sugar (superfine will work best, but standard granulated is fine also)
1 sheet of waxed or parchment paper


Set up a large plate with the sugar spread in a line to loosely follow the shape of the rosemary. Wash the rosemary in cool, running water. Dry completely on a clean cotton dishtowel or paper towels. Gently whip your egg whites to froth with a fork. Take each branch of rosemary and completely brush with egg whites. More of the sugar will stick if you can gently get into the crevices. Note: Do NOT dip the branches into the egg whites though; the branches will pick up different amounts of egg whites and the result will be a lot of inconsistency on each branch. Turn all sides of the branch in the sugar. You can repeat this two or three times to get more of the sugar to stick. Gently shake off your branch and place on the parchment paper. Turn your sprigs periodically to get all sides to dry.