Basic Simple Syrup


½ cup to 2 cups sugar
½ cup to 2 cups water


The universal ratio for basic simple syrup is 1:1, or one cup of water to one cup of granulated sugar. You can really play around with that proportion starting with a ½ cup of sugar and increase the sugar all the way up to two cups to suit your taste. The great thing about simple syrups is that once they are jarred in a clean bottle, they will last in your fridge for months. For the holidays, you can use them in cocktails, punches, fresh juices, teas, and even to brush over some of your favorite holiday cakes and breads. What about lemon verbena syrup over your Grandma’s poundcake recipe, basil syrup over carmelized oranges, or a quick cocktail of fresh orange and grapefruit juices, a dash of bitters, two shots of dark rum and some red basil syrup? It really is that easy.

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