Smoked Salmon, Radish, Pea and Spring Onion Salad with Mint Parsley Lemon Yogurt Dressing


2 small heads butter lettuce ripped to desired size
1 cup packaged herb blend salad greens
1 cup sliced red or rainbow radishes
1 cup sliced, mixed red and white spring onions
3 medium sliced carrots
1 ½ cups fresh shelled peas
1 cup shredded smoked salmon


Smoked Salmon
Cold, smoked salmon is smoked at very low heat. It is usually smoked at around 60 -70° F for 12-18 hours. The smoking process slowly takes the moisture out of the fish and creates a firm, delicate, flaky texture. Smoked flavorings are added along with other herbs to create a more savory flavor.

For the dressing, mix 1 cup yogurt with ½ c chopped fresh mint and ½ c chopped parsley, the juice of 2 lemons, zest of 1 lemon, 2 T wholegrain mustard, 1 T honey and salt and pepper to taste.